Show & Sale and "Tiger Cub " finished.

Last weekend we had our village Show & Sale, which was great fun. The weather for once was in our favor and it stayed rain-less. I spent the afternoon chatting about my paintings, photos and wildlife and really enjoyed it, got to sell some of my work too which was very nice.
Here is the latest finished painting, "Tiger Cub"
I didn't have it completed in time for the show, but after around 13 hours in total I put the brush down on it.

Puffin Fox and Rain!

 Puffin Portrait
My final 2 paintings before the Ashwell Show. It was a great experience but the weather was awful with rain all day long definitely keeping the thousands of visitors at home!
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 The Fox
Ashwell Show.

Musings for the Month.

 With the Lion painting taking up most of my time off work,and looking after the mischievous little puppy that we are looking after at the moment, I was only able to watch the wildlife from the window. Until a neighbour came round with a Elephant Hawkmoth he had found. I took some photos then placed it among the garden shrubs for it to feed. Such a weird looking thing but what a beauty they turn into.

 On one day I took some time to watch the butterflies around the Buddleia to the front of our house, highlight was a Painted Lady, but in total I watched 7 species feeding away.

And finally to the last painting I have completed "The Lion".

The Zebra

 My latest watercolour painting, The Zebra. I had wanted to paint this for some time and finally got round to it. As per norm I started with the eye, it took a few attempts before I was happy with the result and could move on with the rest.

The finished piece, with a charcoal mount.
(photo taken whilst in glass frame)

The Osprey & The Bee-eater

 The Osprey
The Bee-eater
Two new watercolour paintings completed. View my Artwork Blog for all my paintings.

Hummingbird Hawkmoth.

 A few days ago my dad phoned me to say he had just seen a Hummingbird Hawkmoth feeding in his garden. At the time we were having new decking and grass laid in the rear garden so I kept an eye on the plants to see if they were around our way. Sure enough as 3 of us were talking next to a Honeysuckle bush, a Hummingbird Hawkmoth hovered directly in front of us feeding away. I edged away and ran for the camera, but alas it had departed seconds later. But I knew one was visiting the garden and so I would keep an eye out for it's return.
 Over the next couple of days I saw it return but it never stayed longer than a few seconds, until late in the day I noticed it feeding on a favourite pink flower (name of plant not known) I knew it would feed longer on this plant and so rushed off to get the camera and as hoped for, it was still feeding away and so I was able to grab a few shots before the light and the moth went away. What a tricky moth to photograph, it was so fast moving from flower to flower. It was that close at times I could hear the rapid wing beat vibrations, such a lovely little moth and always a welcome sight in the garden.

New Painting Added to Artwork Blog.

The Tiger
New painting added to my Artwork Blog.
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