Subalpine warbler.
Burnham Overy dunes. Norfolk. 4th October 2007.

On arrival at the dunes i saw the great grey shrike atop a bush, but it did not stay there for long and moved west. I started searching the scrubland on the top of the dunes where the subalpine had been showing. It wasnt long before i located it and what a stunning little bird. This was a 1st for me in the form of a subalpine and also as for the race 'moltoni's'. It showed well for myself and the few birders that arrived shortly after. It began sticking to a circuit whilst feeding so i positioned myself where it frequented and sure enough flew in soon enough. I was able to gain some record shots but as the breeze picked up it began to become elusive in a small dell area of scrub that was sheltered from the wind. A welcome addition to my list and a lovely bird.