Norfolk. March 2008.

I travelled to hunstanton, norfolk with sarah to try and get some shots of fulmars, and whatever we came across along the beaches. The wind was quite brisk and blowing straight in on us, so when i did get a fly by fulmar it was normally at great speed, but i did manage to get some shots. There were good numbers of gulls feeding along the shoreline with a group of bar tailed godwits. I like photography along the coastline as there's normally good numbers of species to watch and capture on camera.

Further along the coast at Thornham there was no sign of the reported great white egret, but i did manage to get some close shots of a single brent goose feeding alongside a boat mooring. Also a couple of confiding redshanks feeding, in the shot below the bill ws so caked in soft mud it looked more like it was chocolate coated 'just for easter'.

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