Therfield Heath Hertfordshire.Oct 9th 2008

News of a 1w red backed shrike next to where i used to live and only a short distance from my home provided a great opportunity to try for some new images. I arrived early and as i found before when living there, the dog walkers were in good numbers. It wasnt until some time later and after searching adjacent hills that i saw a couple watching the shrike where id originally started.
It was quite mobile at first but after some time watching its movements i set up and waited for its return and by the time id finished the shrike was flying to bushes infront of me. I think the shrikes are one of my favourite family of birds and its always great to interact and watch something as good as these. It was actively feeding and would perch up for some time on the scattered hawthorn bushes.

As i was awaiting the shrike to alight a regular perch 2 buzzards flew low from the housing estate and circled overhead giving a chance of a couple of shots. Then it was back to the shrike for a final flurry of shots and it even flew to within feet of my position, what a wonderful experience and so close, as i left it flew to a bush infront of me and watched me leave as if to see me on my way. GREAT.....