Wrestlingworth, Bedfordshire. March 2009.

During the first week of March i spent quite some time searching the fields around my village for a ringtail Hen Harrier. On the first night Sarah and i were successful as we both saw it coming into roost just as the light was disappearing. I then saw it leave the roost early the next morning at 06:37 and head off towards cambridgeshire. I saw it that night on the Tuesday of the 3rd but it moved away from a dog walker and was lost heading towards cockayne hatley. Despite a lot of leg work around the surrounding fields i did not see it again, but whilst out on the Wednesday evening looking for the harrier a short eared owl was seen hunting the fields between wrestlingworth and cockayne hatley, a lovely replacement for the non-showing harrier. Unfortunately i have not seen the short eared' again, a couple of days later i received an email from residents in the village who live along Bragg's lane ( the lane/track which leads to the roosting place of the harrier ) and they had viewed the hen harrier a few days earlier sitting on their fence at the bottom of the garden, what a sight that would of been.