Visitors in the Night ! July 2011

.Small Rivulet.
 July provided a few new visiotrs for me over the month, I was able to trap a few times and although the last effort was very low in numbers it still provided the goods as it were. I dont know whether the sudden drop in temperature on the last session had anything to do with the amount on the wing, but it certainly felt colder especially at 2am! Im now looking forward to August and as the year will start to quiet down the chance of something new for me must remain above average (still got a lot of species to see).
 .Purple Bar.
 .Common Carpet.
 .Red Twin-spot Carpet.
 .Lesser Broad-bordered Yellow Underwing.
 .Ruby Tigers.
 .Dusky Sallow.
 .Old Lady.
 .Early Thorn.
 .Brown Line Bright-Eye.
 .Straw Underwings.
.Small Waved Umber.