The Snow Returns. The Lodge Sandy. 23rd Mar 2013.

 A couple of days ago it was sunny and not too cold a day, I went looking for some early Adders but to no avail, stopping for a walk around Bev's on the return journey I viewed the pair of Oystercatchers moving from field to lake, Little Egrets now numbered 3 but there was nothing else of note. Jump forward to today and the snow has returned, we awoke to find a decent layering outside. Sarah set off for work at The Lodge, and I awaited her phone call to inform me of the road conditions. Surprisingly the roads had been kept clear of too much snow and Sarah informed of just one other person braving the elements whilst photographing at the feeders. I readied myself and headed for The Lodge. The snow kept falling for most of the time there but after a couple of hours, numb feet and a few hundred shots in the bag I headed home for some warmth. This weather change recently must be playing havoc with the wildlife's sense of timing, I'm sure the Redpolls will be staying just that bit longer. Here is a selection of images taken.