Fall of Redwings

 Managed to get out on a few mornings over the last week, been busy getting the new studio up and running with Sarah's help. Lots of Blackbirds around and a few Chiffchaff's along with the pair of Blackcaps and Goldcrests mingling in with the local Long tailed tit posse!
 On the 19th Oct there was a heavy fog when I woke, I didn't exactly rush out but I was glad I did venture out as there were birds everywhere. My last residence was nowhere near the coast and I never experienced a fall of birds like this before, there were Redwings moving all over the place, downed by the fog they proceeded to refuel whilst grounded. Along with many Blackbirds, mostly 1st winter birds, and a handful of Song Thrush I picked out a solitary Fieldfare at the back of someones garden.

 I checked along the clifftop paths after a tip off about possible Greenland Wheatear along at Sidestrand, cheers Andy. I found just the one Wheatear feeding in the field and managed to get some decent shots of it. The thrushes continued to put on a show all day and at one time I counted 50+ Redwing from the back garden in the adjacent paddock!