A Quieter Time as May Progresses.

 Lunar Marbled Brown
 May started off busily for me but it quickly quietened down! Colder evenings and a breeze coming in off the sea put a hold on getting the moth light out except for one evening when I managed a few hours, getting 9 species of moth for the new garden list.
 Yellow Barred Brindle
 Pebble Prominent
 Grey Pine Carpet
 Coxcomb Prominent
 I tried to get out as early as possible, I was rewarded with a female Marsh Harrier one morning, the Swifts were becoming more numerous, and a lot are screaming through the towns nearby.
 Marsh Harrier
 Common Whitethroat
The Common Whitethroats were in decent numbers around the village lanes and along the clifftops. I had briefly seen a Lesser Whitethroat but it was soon dispatched by a Common.
  Common Whitethroat
  Common Whitethroat
With the sunnier days upon us the butterfly numbers were growing, numerous Orange Tips and Speckled Woods and a Painted Lady which seems to of taken up residence at the end of one of the lanes as we've seen it a few times in the same spot. This Frog was seen chilling out on the coastal path early one morning, I had to step back to get him in focus! 
Common Frog