Med Gulls get on the Garden List.


 Over the last few days there have been a few Mediterranean Gulls off the front catching flies/flying ants, and good numbers being reported further down the coast too. Yesterday, Sat 29th Sept, I was able to add them to my garden bird list as a group of them descended over the trees and scrub picking off the insects in flight. They continued to loop round and complete another run before drifting inland or along the coast, this carried on for some time and also paralleled another large movement of birds namely Common Buzzards which were being reported moving over in large numbers, I counted 11 over in just a short time with many more counted just along the coast. There have been more smaller birds passing over too, there seems to be a lot of Skylark moving around at present and more Meadow Pipits than a couple of weeks ago, there seems to be more Chiffchaff about, on a couple of days recently I have sea watched for a few hours, 3 Arctic Skuas was a nice addition as they chased a Tern, trying to get it to disgorge its food. Wildfowl numbers have been increasing in big numbers along with groups of Divers and good numbers of young Gannets moving past looks like they have had a good breeding season.