Feeding Station. April 2010.

A few weeks ago I had gone back to my local farm to put up a feeding station once again. I had visited every week to top up the feeders and to view what birds were coming to them. I was glad that after just a week I was getting some nice birds including Reed bunting,Goldfinch and Yellowhammer. But due to bad weather, whenever I was off work, I did not get the chance to set the hide up for a few weeks, and so I was more than happy to of gotten some images from my first visit. The yellowhammers were absent but an addition was a Great spotted woodpecker which graced the peanut feeder but would not go to where I wanted to photograph it. But I was happy with the stuff I got and after 7 hours sitting in my hide I left for home, I would of stayed longer but the wind was picking up and trying to fold in the side of my hide!!, plus my backside was sore from sitting on a breeze block ! ( I have a cushion that partly helps, my chair sinks in the ground with my weight on it hence the block ).
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