Norfolk. October 2010.

I took a trip to Titchwell along with Sarah and my Dad to get some images of waders. For once the weather forecasters got it right .... only joking bloody wrong as usual, I cant believe they are still employed after so many cock ups. It was very dark and the sun hardly ventured out from a veil of thin cloud. To top it off, there were very little waders around, by far one of the lesser showings Ive encountered here. Still head up and venture on, and capture what I can. As always there were Sanderling to play with and most of the time walking up to Thornham point end was taken up with these.

From the selection of images below I wanted to try and at least capture some of the conditions these little birds have to encounter. The wind had picked up a tad and still they keep feeding, with eyes closed to avoid the grains of sand blown into them they tirelessly probed around feeding, always moving onward, click on the images to see the grains of sand harassing their feeding routine.

On the way back we watched the group of Twite, numbering 20+, feeding on some mud flats. Usually my dad and I encounter these in flight groups passing by so it was nice to actually study them better, and a new species for Sarah brightened the day somewhat. They had some lovely deep red/brown tones to a lot of the birds and quite a few were adorning coloured rings as can be seen in some of the images. I wonder where they were put on? and the distance they had travelled?. A lovely little bird and one that disappeared amongst the vegetation so easily. Not one of the most packed of days, bird wise, but with the Twite to finish on we didn't feel so bad.