Well the New Year is well under way and I'm still awaiting to get out and get some images,the weather and days off are not colliding. I took a trip with Sarah the other day for a hour or so, to look for the waxwings at Shefford, but they were not to be seen so we stopped at Sandy on the way back home and didn't connect with them either ! Not a taste of things to come I hope, but perhaps it is... on going to the farm to top up the feeders, my car became stuck in the mud due to the under sill coming away and wedging me tight in and keep me wheel spinning. So I had to clamber in the mud to eventually free myself.
Yesterday whilst at work I saw my first butterfly of the year, a Red Admiral. Not unusual, I've seen one in January in years previous, but it didn't stay on the wing for long before disappearing into roof space but nice to see after all the harsh weather.