"Stock Take at Bev's". 2012 finalised.

With the New Year nearly a week old already, I took stock of what I had recorded at Bev's. I knew there were a couple of bird species I had missed there, namely Jack Snipe and Black tailed Godwit, but the final tally came to 96 bird species seen there with nearly all of them captured on camera. The 2 that stand out straight away for me were the Kingfishers and the Black necked Grebes, what stunners they both were. The weather had a detrimental effect on the nesting birds and washed a few nest away, sadly. But despite the weather, when it did change, the insects  put on a great show with the likes of 5 species of dragonfly, damselflies and Demoiselles, 9 species of butterfly, 7 types of grasshopper/cricket including Long and Short winged Coneheads and not forgetting all the spiders,flies and moths seen. It will be a great challenge to add to and try and beat these tallies in 2013, and hopefully find something a bit scarcer.
Now to sort through all those photos!!!