"Swan Lake". Bev's. December 2012.

Ten days after the first December visit to Bev's and the month is flying past. There were a few more Common Snipe this time although only just into double figures. No sign of the Goldeneye that was here last, but plenty of Gadwall still and a few Shoveler.

After a quick jaunt around I set up to see what was available for some images, I opted to stay put and capture anything providing picture opportunities especially any flight images with which to practice on.

Any larger gulls than the Black headed and Common seemed to pass over high, the lone Kestrel was very active, no doubt taking advantage of the decent weather that was gracing us for a change.
I think this is the first record shot of a Wren at the sight, I'd seen them before but never managed to grab a shot. I also noticed there were a handful of Song Thrushes around the site. Normally just one maybe two but I had 5 or 6 today feeding in the waterside vegetation, and never stopping to pose for a shot.

With a few more Mute swans present I finished up with some images of them, getting close in for some water dripping images. Then to add to a very nice morning out, I noticed something along the waters edge on the far side. With just binoculars, although more than adequate for identifying stuff at range, I happily picked out a Water Rail scurrying along the waters edge before weaving in and out of the vegetation. I'd only been thinking about catching a glimpse of one earlier as I searched the drainage ditches for snipe, no picture because of the distance, but a tick I was pleased to get.