No show for the Great Grey Shrike. Sandy RSPB. Oct 23rd 2013.

 With a couple of hours to spare, whilst Sarah was at work at The Lodge, I tried for the Great Grey Shrike. Luck was not to be on my side, the winds had increased and it looked like rain. If the shrike was still here it would no doubt be keeping low, still I took a look. Sadly to no avail there was no sign, and every birder asked declared the same "no sign". I did manage to see a Raven briefly and as I walked around the reserve the skies darkened and it threw it down, I got somewhat soaked! I decided to sit it out till Sarah finished work and the only addition was a distant Peregrine being mobbed by a Kestrel. I noticed around me that there were quite a few Stinkhorn fungi, cant say Ive seen that many before and I definitely noticed the smell in the area.