House Martins and Sand Martins feeding. Biggleswade. Sept 2013.

 Whilst photographing the Spotted Flycatcher and Chiffchaff the other day, I couldn't help but notice the Kingfisher calling frequently on the opposite side of the hedge to where I was standing. So With an unexpected bright start to the day I decided to head back to DWE and just set up and wait for the Kingfishers, well it didn't happen. Not a single sight nor sound of one, all the while keeping stationary I could hear and see numerous House Martins and a few Sand Martins actively feeding just above the waters surface. I then gave up on the Kingfishers and decided to foolishly try my luck on the Martins instead. These little missiles were hard to track to say the least,even when I set up with 3D tracking on the camera, the movement on the water kept throwing it off the birds so I went back to spot focusing. It was around this time as I just got into it that the wind picked up,the rain started and it became dull, but still I persevered and enjoyed the challenge and got a few half decent shots in the bag. It was fun tracking them all over the water, so fast on the turns that the delete rate was a lot higher than the keepers! And when I suddenly couldn't see any birds in the viewfinder, upon looking up I would find them all higher over the lake, it was then I knew that one of the Hobbies were around feeding on the dragonflies, and when the Hobby had done they then dropped back down to skim the lakes surface. You will notice in all the shots that they are all going in the same direction, this was because of the wind direction, when they turned and went the other way it was just too fast to track anything.