Warham greens Norfolk.
I travelled to norfolk to try for the wryneck at warham, and also to see whatever else was about. On arrival myself and one other birder were the first to arrive, followed after a while by others, but after a couple of hours searching there had been no sign. I decided to leave and next went along the coast to holkham to see the yellow browed warblers and maybe the humes yellow browed, no sooner had i walked along to the western end of holkham that the pager quoted ' wryneck at warham greens', just my bloody luck. But now i was there i stayed a while until i had seen the yellow browed' and then decided to head back to warham and try again. Was i glad i did too, it showed really well and for the first time i was able to photograph this species. I left for home well pleased i can tell you. Sadly a couple of days later it was found dead, the night before being a very cold one may of been too much.


American Buff-bellied Pipit

Despite torrential downpours i arrived at Farmoor reservoir on the 9th of oct' and on joining the evergrowing crowds i was greeted with great close views of the bird. It showed well for the whole time i was there, unfortunately i didnt take my usual camera gear due to the weather so i only had my coolpix, which for the life of me i could not remember how to get the right settings so i wont be using that in a hurry again, but with growing crowds i could only grab a record (CRAP) shot of the bird and crowd. But a great twitch none the less.