Siberian Chiffchaff. MVCP Dec 2013.

 Went up to Marston Vale CP to look for the Siberian Chiffchaff's there. I waited for the rain to ease then got there as it stopped, heading straight for the sewage treatment site. There were quite a few vocal Chiffchaffs present but eventually I found the Sibe's. One was a real grey bird with vibrant green wings and clean underparts, it was associating with a Chiffchaff fairly closely and so gave good comparisons. The other Sibe was more browner with less green markings. I was hand holding a smaller lens outfit due to a bad back hence the quality, the greyer bird was the one that Steve Blain had found originally, but had proved to be some what elusive since, so I was glad to of recorded the bird at least.

Aspley Heath once more. Dec 2013.

 Once I had worked my last night shift I headed home and grabbed my camera gear then headed onto Aspley Heath once more, this time hoping the Dartford Warbler would show better. In fact it proved more bloody elusive than the previous visit, it showed on a couple occasions and flew in front of me briefly and then that was that!

 As before my attention then veered off to the local residents, a flock of 12 Crossbills were present around the heath edges. On the first visit I forgot to mention that I flushed a Woodcock from the heath.

 Once again a barking Muntjac could be heard close by, and this time I saw it twice, before retreating into the gorse out of the way of Sunday dog walkers and Horse riders. This might of been another reason why the Dartford kept its head down, as the activity began to pick up and the horses became flustered as they moved past me in cammo gear, obviously not quite making out what I was!, then followed the loud talking(shouting) from the riders, seemingly bemused that a photographer was there, as if I had been suddenly dropped to earth!! 

 I decided enough was enough and the Dartford was not going to show anymore, a group of 12 Meadow pipits moving around the Heath was the final addition to the mornings outing and then I was homeward bound, tired.