Dusky Thrush. Beeley.

After finishing my last nightshift I set off straight from work to Derbyshire and the little village of Beeley. The journey was a chore to say the least, instead of arriving at 08:50 as per sat nav, I arrived after 10:00 caused by the hold up on the M1 which went on for miles and then when just outside Beeley I was confronted by workmen closing off the road leading to it! Deep joy, I was getting a bit miffed by now, luckily the driver infront of me was a local and he gave me directions which really helped me out as the sat nav just wanted me to turn around, until I was close enough coming from the other direction then the sat nav took over again.
 I found a space close to where a large group of birders were awaiting the Dusky Thrush to appear. It was showing distantly in a field around the corner, the main bulk of the group headed off to view the bird there, I waited with a handful of people in hope it would return to the orchard and give closer views. I knew I was only going to obtain a record image if I was lucky as the light levels were so low, it was very dark. It wasn't long before it returned and after a short while dropped to the floor to eat on apples. The main group had now started to return and some became a pain in moving straight to the front regardless of blocking peoples viewing, I had to ask a couple of birders/photographer to move back as they just entered from the side and stood squarely infront of my lens and peoples view next to me!
 It showed well a few times, but would keep in a hollow just out of sight, after a while it flew off again. A great bird and twitch, very glad I made the journey.