Blickling Hall Norfolk. February 2008.

What should of been a nice bright day turned out to be quite dull, but the juvenile Great northern diver was showing well, i decided to spend the day here and set myself up on the bank and waited for the diver to repeat its routine and grabbed some half decent shots. Also a pale barn owl spent most of the day in and out of a tree hole hunting, young perhaps?. A good day out in all.

Welney Norfolk. February 2008.

Another trip to welney but this time with the family. Unfortunately the place was fog bound and didnt really lift ( well done weather reporters again, got it wrong ) but i grabbed a few photos before leaving.

Feeding station. February 2008.

The feeders were bringing in the birds in good numbers still, some not even bothered by me filling up the seed whilst they carried on feeding. The resident harvest mouse was still putting in an appearence every now and again, what with hole only inches from the table there were plenty of spilt seeds to mop up.

Thurleigh February 2008.

Kestrel Kestrel Golden plover
I made a couple more trips to the set a side fields, the hen harrier was still around but not showing as often, at least 3 barn owls were in the wooded area and there were good number of golden plover flying to the airfield joining a large flock of lapwings there.