New Art and Moths.

It's been a quiet time around Trimingham bird wise, there are plenty of young birds around and it is nice to hear the Swifts screaming overhead again. One day when passing through Cromer we saw the Pied Crow that was present, I nearly got a nice record pic as it flew and landed near our car, I pulled focus on my zoom camera.........just as 2 blue rinse old girl birders drove straight toward it stopping just feet away before hanging out the window with a camera to get a shot of it flying away!!! many thanks for that old dears!
 The closest thing to birds at home has been helping Sarah for her craft fair (been and gone) once Sarah had prepped the wood it was down to me with the painting, and they have come out really well, there will definitely be more designs on the way.

I have been getting the moth trap out on a few occasions, adding new species to the garden list and indeed some new species for me also. 
 This Small Angle Shades (above) and Scalloped Hazel (below) were both new species for me.

 This Shears was found on our car one morning! 
Iron Prominent 
 This Lobster Moth(above) was a welcome addition to the garden list and I believe only the second one I've seen. 
 Foxglove Pug (above) another new species. The Burnished Brass is always a welcome addition in the trap. So the list is slowly increasing and with the warm weather due to stay the trap will be getting out more often.