2021 The Rest of the Year rounded up.

 I can't believe where the end of last year went!! With stuff at home and a busy schedule working in the studio it seemed a lot of the time I wasn't able to venture out unless walking the dogs. So here is a catch up for the rest of 2021 in images I was able to get. Happy New Year to everyone and I'll aim to keep things updated more frequently 😆 (fingers crossed)


Pipistrelle found outside the church
Why the feeders get low!
Found this lovely Red Breasted Flycatcher and a Pied Flycatcher in the churchyard.

Pied Flycatcher

Painted Lady
Willow Emerald
A few pairs were seen over the garden in tandem, nice to see one on the ground
The Pinkfeet have returned

A friend found this Yellow Browed Warbler just around the corner from the house, always a cracking bird to see

Over the space of a few days there seemed to be a mass feeding frenzy with the gulls picking out insects in the air, most of those over the garden were Med Gulls, so nice to have the Meds doing this routine every year over the garden. 

A report of a drifting Long Tailed Duck heading towards Trimingham had me running round to the clifftop, and sure enough it drifted past me.....a NEW patch tick 🙌🙌

There were a lot of Starlings gathering and moving along the coast, a decent sized group didn't take long to clean the berries off a neighbours tree, picked clean in 2 days.

One morning when setting out on the dog walk I found this Black Redstart in the churchyard, so close to getting a garden tick!

This male Sparrowhawk swooped through my garden checking the feeders then decided to rest up on the neighbours fence, unusually it stayed for some time enabling me to grab the camera. 

End of 2021