New Watercolours Completed.

Here is an update of my latest watercolour paintings recently completed. 


 Whilst I am painting, looking to the front of my house, I am always distracted by the birds flying past or visiting the neighbours feeding station which is just across the way from where I paint. The last couple of days I have noticed 3 Bullfinches feeding on fresh buds just behind the feeders. There are 2 males and 1 female (saw a 2nd female today coincidentally) and with them showing reasonably well and frequently I thought "give it a go" and try for some pics. The 1st session lasted one and a half hours and they kept returning to feed but there are quite a few branches obscuring the birds so I was lucky that I was able to get any. I tried another two hour session later in the afternoon and I was happy to of gotten some images of these absolute stunners, what a beautiful bird. Hopefully I will get another chance some time and get some shots of the females, she tended to be not so showy.