In the space of 4 days I had dipped on 2 wanted birds. So bloody frustrating. I hadn't been well and after suffering through two night shifts I thought I deserved to go for the Eastern Black Redstart at Margate....well bloody beano to Margate it wasn't, the bird had disappeared overnight (Thur 17th). Still slightly peeved late on Saturday afternoon news of a Blackpoll Warbler in Kent again, being a 1 3/4hr journey I couldn't resist going for it the next day and so on Sunday, picked up my dad on the way through and set off for 1st light. Well that's about as good as it gets....another bloody no show (although a single report the following day done nothing but aggravate the fires!). It was a cold damp foggy morning and with about 100 birders present it was not to be found. As every party of tits came through they were scrutinised but to no avail only Blue's, Great's and Long tailed were seen. Mind you it makes me laugh that so many twitchers turned up and for some instead of putting in some work scanning and looking for the bird they were more content to stand around chatting away gossiping, greeting one recognisable face after the other,chatting again, some 'birders' near me didnt even lift their bins class for sure.