Biggleswade Common. August 2010.

I spent a couple of hours with the Red Backed Shrike from first light. Once the sun had risen enough it appeared on bushes near the railway line sunning itself before becoming more mobile.
But as the image below shows it thought it was still a bit too early so just a tad more sleep was in order.

It was not fazed by the trains going past either, its not until you actually get close views that you see how small a bird they are, but a lovely group of birds none the less.

The image above is not of it about to bring up a pellet but it was actually yawning, time for another nap?, no a stretch of the wings and I'll be fine.

The background colour of the image below was from a passing train. After some time it became more awake and more elusive whilst searching for food so I left pleased with a few shots in the bag.

Willington. Bedfordshire. August 2010.

I decided to go local for a few hours before the weather was due to set in with more rain. I headed for Willington to see what I could get. The first target turned out to be Willow warblers, they were everywhere. Actively feeding their way around the trees and searching the wire fencing for spiders or insects caught in the webs. Looking very fresh and very yellow on a few individuals. It made a good start to my morning.

Whilst looking along the shoreline I noticed at least 5 Green sandpipers and distantly a larger wader appeared, a Greenshank, which continuously fed from one end of the lake to the other. It ventured closer just the once for a record shot before it departed further away to carry on the feeding run again.

The Green sandpipers were always wary and chased around by the Lapwings on a few occasions so they never ventured close.

And to finish off the trip I captured a few images of a Migrant Hawker dragonfly. It was flying a circuit within an open area amongst trees and so it was just focusing in and capturing a shot before it moved again, sounds easy but believe me it was a challenge.

Getting There !

Silver Y and Uncertain moths.

Firstly, to all that follow my Blog and casual viewers, an apology for the lack of postings. Where has the time gone I ask, the White tailed plover seems so long ago now. Over the last month my time off work seemed doomed to be tied up with anything but birds and photography. My bulldog Harvey came down with kennel cough and would struggle to breath and therefore collapse or go into a fit and loosing control of his bodily functions. So for four days I was cleaning up after him and making sure he came round, an emotional time indeed.
No sooner after Harvey was better and my next slot of time off approached my age old back problem kicked in, I was bent double, couldn't stand straight and definitely could not venture out. I was laid up for some time and as of writing it is still not 100% but workable, and so hopefully the tide has turned and I can now get back out very soon and get some images.
Silver Y and Uncertain moths.