West Hythe Kent October 26th 2008.

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The morning after getting back from devon my dad and i travelled to Kent to go for the Green Heron. Missing out on the Lincs bird, this was a 1st for us both. Despite the awful weather we were graced with exceptionally close views of this stunning little heron. It was actively feeding on small perch but kept local to the small dam and reeds. The rain seized for a short time giving better images but at times the heron would alight the concrete wall next to the path and show down to a few feet so no camera needed. A great new addition to my list.

October 2008.

On the 17th october Sarah and i were married at Swiss Gardens, Bedfordshire. The following day the family went to devon for the week. Partly because i wanted to connect with my first Cirl bunting, naughty i know....
My dad and i travelled to prawl point and were lucky enough to see a solitary male singing up on the hillside, although brief and no chance of a photo we were still happy to tick this one off whilst there. As for other birding, well that consisted of what we saw when out and about. There were good numbers of raven and buzzard and others noted were grey wag,rock pipit,goldcrests,a single redwing and the first flock of fieldfare for the winter,plenty of bullfinch golden plover.

As a wedding present sarah arranged a trip out with Johnny Kingdom for myself and my dad. A fantastic and funny day out it was too. Johnny is a down to earth, great bloke, a terrific afternoon out after lunch crossing over exmoor with lots of stags seen and still rutting, what an experience.

The scenery around devon was spectacular and very bloody steep too, my car has never done so much driving in 2nd gear. There are streams and waterfalls all over the place, and the coast was just up the road. Below is just a selection of the places we visited, such as Valley of the rocks, watersmeet, heddons mouth.

Sutton Gault,Cambs. Oct 2008.

After a dismal morning up on the norfolk coast, my dad and i stopped at Sutton gault on the way home in the hope of connecting with our second only glossy ibis. We found the bird feeding in a field not far from the road and although distant for the camera,gave good views in the scope. With the sun shinning the colours of the birds plumage were great. A decent end after a disappointing start to the day

Therfield Heath Hertfordshire.Oct 9th 2008

News of a 1w red backed shrike next to where i used to live and only a short distance from my home provided a great opportunity to try for some new images. I arrived early and as i found before when living there, the dog walkers were in good numbers. It wasnt until some time later and after searching adjacent hills that i saw a couple watching the shrike where id originally started.
It was quite mobile at first but after some time watching its movements i set up and waited for its return and by the time id finished the shrike was flying to bushes infront of me. I think the shrikes are one of my favourite family of birds and its always great to interact and watch something as good as these. It was actively feeding and would perch up for some time on the scattered hawthorn bushes.

As i was awaiting the shrike to alight a regular perch 2 buzzards flew low from the housing estate and circled overhead giving a chance of a couple of shots. Then it was back to the shrike for a final flurry of shots and it even flew to within feet of my position, what a wonderful experience and so close, as i left it flew to a bush infront of me and watched me leave as if to see me on my way. GREAT.....