Garden Mothing. August 2013.

 Orange Swift (male)
I sat out with the light till 1am on the 28th, and got quite a few moths come in. This is a selection of some caught and a couple of new ones for the list too. 
 Orange Swift (fem)
 Angle Shades
I like the Angle Shades, the patterning and shape of those wings!
Silver Y
I had a few Silver Y's come to the light, nothing like the numbers I am seeing in the daytime though, as it's a day flyer and sometimes out numbering the butterflies.
 Tawny-barred Angle
This Tawny-barred Angle was a new species for me and the Flounced Rustics (below) were new, I think as a species or just for the garden, I'm not too sure what one or both!! Doesn't take a lot to confuse me.
 Flounced Rustic 
 Flounced Rustic
Flounced Rustic
 Centre-barred Sallows
I had 2 Spectacle moths, couldn't resist getting a couple of shots, those goggles' showed well on this one.
 Copper Underwing
Had 3 or more of these Copper Underwings. I also had a very large moth briefly overhead for a couple of seconds before leaving the garden not to return, by the size alone and shape it could of been an Old Lady.
Vines Rustic

New Moth. August 2013.

Lime-speck Pug
Record shot taken with the mobile whilst at work last week, new one for me.

Juvenile Cuckoo puts in an appearance. August 2013.

 I took another walk around the pits (DWE) this time with the bigger lens, hoping the Hobbies were still present. Indeed they were, 2 of them, but they did not stay for their picture to be taken. They both flew in grabbed a couple of dragonflies then moved off. What was nice to pick up on was a juvenile Cuckoo, despite being on the opposite side to my position, I was able to moved a bit closer and get a record shot.
 I saw one or two Reed Warblers and a few Sedge Warblers, a group of approximately 5 Common Snipe flew close past, I wonder if they will gather in large numbers again this winter. Raptors adding to the Hobbies were a couple of Common Buzzards and a flyover Red Kite.

I was able to grab a few flight shots of Migrant Hawkers, they seemed to be in good numbers, and plenty of Common Darters in "cop" still. 

Vulcan not Spock! August 2013.

This beautiful old Vulcan Bomber circled over my village whilst at a nearby air show. I don't suppose I'll see many of these in the air again, such a lovely sight, it brought the neighbours out too. It seemed so agile and sharp on the turns, beautiful looking plane.

Comma makes it through the Tortoiseshell curtain. August 2013.

 With all the Small Tortoiseshell and Peacocks, it was nice to find a Comma. Bit of a challenge with the wind blowing everything around, but I managed a few shots.

 And seeing as there are so many around, a few more shots of Small Tortoiseshells. Mind you if one encroached on the Commas feeding table it was quickly dispatched.

Feasting on Dragonflies. August 2013.

 With so many Darters and Dragonflies on the wing and mating it was no surprise to see a couple of Hobbies over the main pit at DWE. Unfortunately I was only carrying my smaller lenses as I knew I would be taking mostly insect shots, so I had to be content with record shots of them swooping across the water. 

 There were butterflies everywhere, and with some careful stalking I was able to get up close to this Small Copper, it was fairly flighty moving from one flower to another and only seemed bothered by the Common Blues encroaching on its feeding patch.

 It was nice to see and photograph this Green Veined White, what with the numerous Large and Small Whites around I was lucky to of picked this one out. It too allowed for a careful and close approach but it took some time to get some images as it was always off quarrelling with another White butterfly.

 The Common Darters all seemed to be mating, and most seen flying were of the male and female joined, no wonder the Hobbies were feeding so well, 2 for the price of one!