Garden Mothing. August 2013.

 Orange Swift (male)
I sat out with the light till 1am on the 28th, and got quite a few moths come in. This is a selection of some caught and a couple of new ones for the list too. 
 Orange Swift (fem)
 Angle Shades
I like the Angle Shades, the patterning and shape of those wings!
Silver Y
I had a few Silver Y's come to the light, nothing like the numbers I am seeing in the daytime though, as it's a day flyer and sometimes out numbering the butterflies.
 Tawny-barred Angle
This Tawny-barred Angle was a new species for me and the Flounced Rustics (below) were new, I think as a species or just for the garden, I'm not too sure what one or both!! Doesn't take a lot to confuse me.
 Flounced Rustic 
 Flounced Rustic
Flounced Rustic
 Centre-barred Sallows
I had 2 Spectacle moths, couldn't resist getting a couple of shots, those goggles' showed well on this one.
 Copper Underwing
Had 3 or more of these Copper Underwings. I also had a very large moth briefly overhead for a couple of seconds before leaving the garden not to return, by the size alone and shape it could of been an Old Lady.
Vines Rustic