Another great mothing session. July 2013.

Green Pug 
Another late night in the garden, mothing proved very rewarding with some new garden and life additions.
 Large Twin Spot Carpet
This carpet moth was a new addition, with 2 being trapped.
 Heart and Club
 Poplar Grey
 Elephant Hawkmoth
At least 4 Elephant Hawkmoths visited.
 Poplar Hawkmoth (and below)
Just a single Poplar and a single Pine Hawkmoth along with 2 Privet Hawkmoths crashed in.

 Smoky Wainscot
 Lilac Beauty
Just my second ever but this one graced my garden this time, stunning moth.
 Green Silver Lines (and below)
This beauty was the first moth trapped early in the evening, and a new garden and life species, happy fella? definitely. 

 Heart and Club
 Ghost Moth
 Buff Tip (and 2 below)
Strange shaped but lovely also, this one posed well for the camera and looked more like a fluffy owl!

 Buff Footman
This Buff Footman was another new garden and lifer tick.
Peach Blossom
Its always nice to get fresh and not worn moths, and this Peach Blossom was a beauty.

Bee action from the garden. July 2013.

 The lavender in the garden is doing well this year and the bees are very active on them. I thought I would take advantage of the new macro lens, the carder bees that had been present over the last week, in the front garden seem to of moved, but the other small species proved challenging enough for me. The last two days have been cloudy here with the sun only able to break through late this afternoon, Sunday, giving me the chance of a quicker shutter speed to try my luck with tiny Hoverflies, which is a work in progress.

Downloads from the phone, from Norfolk to Home. July 2013.

 Just some images taken on my phone over the last couple of weeks. These sea front pictures are from when Sarah and I stayed down in Cromer for a few days, at the time the weather was not great except for when we arrived that evening and when we departed!! As we drove along the coast road we noticed how the fog was just hanging off shore, it then started to creep inland and it was a sight to behold. I have not seen fog like this before, and it reminded me of The Fog film, it was just like it, moving inland you could see pockets of it as it crept through trees and across roads in front of us, eerie but lovely at the same time. 

 On one grey day we took a drive to Cart Gap and on arrival the tide was in, which nearly soaked us as we walked along the front. There was a huge wobbling foam line along this stretch and the water was like thick creamy milk and coated the rocks as it crashed in. Later further along the coast we walked between Morston and Blakeney which was nice and easy due to the new sea wall/bank whatever you want to call it. Whilst up in Norfolk we saw our first ever Bee Orchids which were beautiful, and a lot smaller than I thought they would be. 

 Back at home now, and I found another first for me, a Lobster Moth on a wall whilst I was on a night shift. And another successful mothing session brought some goodies in!, another entry will follow shortly with loads of images. Below is Sarah with some hawkmoths resting on her hands, not fazed at all, she likes to have them rest on her, they feel like they're velcro attached to you, weird feeling.

Garden Moths. July 2013.

 Swallowtailed Moth
With warm temperatures overnight I set up the moth light for what seemed the first session in ages. I stayed out till 01:45 and clocked up 36 species with a couple unidentified. The crane flies were everywhere alongside smaller flies, it was literally buzzing around the light. I'm sure I had a few new species for the garden and my list but I have still yet to compile a life list to see whats what, I need to get my act in gear! I had a single Poplar Hawkmoth and 5 Elephant Hawkmoths, a couple of Large Emeralds were stunning as well as a favourite of mine, the Burnished Brass. 
 Single Dotted Wave
 Barred Yellow
 Poplar Hawkmoth (and below)

 Large Emerald
 Burnished Brass
 Poplar Grey
Common Emerald