Garden Moths. July 2013.

 Swallowtailed Moth
With warm temperatures overnight I set up the moth light for what seemed the first session in ages. I stayed out till 01:45 and clocked up 36 species with a couple unidentified. The crane flies were everywhere alongside smaller flies, it was literally buzzing around the light. I'm sure I had a few new species for the garden and my list but I have still yet to compile a life list to see whats what, I need to get my act in gear! I had a single Poplar Hawkmoth and 5 Elephant Hawkmoths, a couple of Large Emeralds were stunning as well as a favourite of mine, the Burnished Brass. 
 Single Dotted Wave
 Barred Yellow
 Poplar Hawkmoth (and below)

 Large Emerald
 Burnished Brass
 Poplar Grey
Common Emerald