Another great mothing session. July 2013.

Green Pug 
Another late night in the garden, mothing proved very rewarding with some new garden and life additions.
 Large Twin Spot Carpet
This carpet moth was a new addition, with 2 being trapped.
 Heart and Club
 Poplar Grey
 Elephant Hawkmoth
At least 4 Elephant Hawkmoths visited.
 Poplar Hawkmoth (and below)
Just a single Poplar and a single Pine Hawkmoth along with 2 Privet Hawkmoths crashed in.

 Smoky Wainscot
 Lilac Beauty
Just my second ever but this one graced my garden this time, stunning moth.
 Green Silver Lines (and below)
This beauty was the first moth trapped early in the evening, and a new garden and life species, happy fella? definitely. 

 Heart and Club
 Ghost Moth
 Buff Tip (and 2 below)
Strange shaped but lovely also, this one posed well for the camera and looked more like a fluffy owl!

 Buff Footman
This Buff Footman was another new garden and lifer tick.
Peach Blossom
Its always nice to get fresh and not worn moths, and this Peach Blossom was a beauty.