Pallid Swift. Overstrand/Cromer Golf Course. 12th Nov.

Pallid Swift showing along the cliff at Overstrand near the east end of the Cromer Golf course. In true Swift photography wording....what a fast little sod! It showed well along the front for everyone but trying to get a photo was another matter, the autofocus on the camera could not deal with tracking it over the water, it simply vanished from view, there was plenty of cursing and colourful language from most trying to photograph it....I just had to laugh. Over a thousand pics snapped off and just a fraction worthy as record shots, but a great bird to see.

Probable Stejneger's Stonechat.

After briefly seeing this bird on Monday and getting soaked to the skin, I decided to re-visit the bird again but this time in drier conditions! Sarah and I set off on the short journey early Wednesday (31st Oct) and took the dogs with us, Sarah took them off to the beach for a long walk whilst I headed straight to where the bird frequented. As soon as I got there I picked up the bird along the ditch from the 2nd gate, it kept a distance away for some time but it slowly moved closer along the ditch actively feeding and showing well. It then moved back along the ditch and did not show for some time, happy with the shots I had taken and very pleased it showed well I headed back to the car....this time not soaking wet!