Fields of Gold. August 2011.

 What  a lovely start to the month of August. I hadn't come across a field so packed with Sunflowers before, and with Sarah getting on my case to photograph them I finally entered the field. Gobsmacked was a great way to put it. From then on apart from mothing in the garden I was to be stuck for getting out. I desperately wanted to get some bird photography in but what with car repair bills, ongoing vet bills for the Bully' and what seems to be ever increasing weekly bills I was grounded. I hope September will be the turn for me to get out and get some new stuff, my fingers are crossed as I type. I also partaked in some cigar photography, cigar are a real passion and hobby of mine, and with a competition on a forum I am a member of, the cigar images gave me an escape from being stuck inside. Some of these images can be viewed on my Flickr site

 Yellow-barred Brindle & Red Twin-spot Carpet
 Garden Carpet
 Red Twin-spot Carpet
 Yellow-barred Brindles
 Marbled Beauty
Turnip Moth

Visitors in the Night ! July 2011

.Small Rivulet.
 July provided a few new visiotrs for me over the month, I was able to trap a few times and although the last effort was very low in numbers it still provided the goods as it were. I dont know whether the sudden drop in temperature on the last session had anything to do with the amount on the wing, but it certainly felt colder especially at 2am! Im now looking forward to August and as the year will start to quiet down the chance of something new for me must remain above average (still got a lot of species to see).
 .Purple Bar.
 .Common Carpet.
 .Red Twin-spot Carpet.
 .Lesser Broad-bordered Yellow Underwing.
 .Ruby Tigers.
 .Dusky Sallow.
 .Old Lady.
 .Early Thorn.
 .Brown Line Bright-Eye.
 .Straw Underwings.
.Small Waved Umber.

Graceful Gliders.

 Months ago at the start of spring I was able to travel to view Marsh Harriers, on a few occasions they glided withing range of a public area enabling me to grab some shots. Such graceful beautiful birds and a pleasure to watch.