Fields of Gold. August 2011.

 What  a lovely start to the month of August. I hadn't come across a field so packed with Sunflowers before, and with Sarah getting on my case to photograph them I finally entered the field. Gobsmacked was a great way to put it. From then on apart from mothing in the garden I was to be stuck for getting out. I desperately wanted to get some bird photography in but what with car repair bills, ongoing vet bills for the Bully' and what seems to be ever increasing weekly bills I was grounded. I hope September will be the turn for me to get out and get some new stuff, my fingers are crossed as I type. I also partaked in some cigar photography, cigar are a real passion and hobby of mine, and with a competition on a forum I am a member of, the cigar images gave me an escape from being stuck inside. Some of these images can be viewed on my Flickr site

 Yellow-barred Brindle & Red Twin-spot Carpet
 Garden Carpet
 Red Twin-spot Carpet
 Yellow-barred Brindles
 Marbled Beauty
Turnip Moth