Bird Ringing at Beeston. November 2009.

I hadn't been able to get to previous bird ringing sessions so I was glad the weather had cleared enabling myself and my dad to attend.

It was definitely a House sparrow day, with a handful trapped and not one had been ringed before which was good news. They look so bull necked when in the hand, and the males are handsome little beasts when close up.

Always a delight to see are Goldcrests, and this one was a re- trap. Tiny and adorable little things.

A few finches were caught, with one stunning Goldfinch and a hand full of Chaffinches with two birds of continental origin. These were told by the longer wing measurements, wonder from where?.

This Blackbird was a surprise in the fact that it was a female, the amount of black in the plumage was uncanny, maybe a foreign bird?.

This Blue tit had found a bird sleeping bag, or was it a Blue tit samosa!.
The Great tit was in absolute spanking condition.

And the grand finale was the last bird ringed, what a stunner this Kingfisher was in the hand. You cannot marvel enough at the colours, one of my favourites for sure. I cant wait for next time to see what turns up.