Fen drayton Cambridgeshire. June 2008

I wanted to visit Fen Drayton to obtain some images of Common Whitethroat, with the hope of some damselfly and dragonfly species as well. The day started nice and bright and there were plenty of whitethroat about, the damselflies were everywhere.

I then located a pair of whitethroat where I could hide up next to a bush close by and positioned myself to get some shots as they landed on a set of regularly used perches. It was just a case of waiting for them to arrive. Not to long had passed before they started to appear complete with food in bill.
I then caught sight of them taking the food to a fledgling tucked away in a small bush. I continued to sit tight and then the young'ens , there were now 2 on show, began to clamber around the undergrowth and came within distance to grab a couple of shots.

Once i had gotten some decent shots i left them to it. I also obtained some images of a Black tailed Skimmer and a Scarce Chaser along with a handfull of Red eyed damselflies, both these last two were new for me. I wanted to try getting some shots of the reed warblers but the weather turned and the clouds blocked out the light so it was time to head home with what id got.

Scarce Chaser
Red eyed Damselfly
Black tailed Skimmer