Bedfordshire, September 8th 2008

My first time out since the end of July. I was only able to keep local so headed off to Willington first, with not much to report there i was about to head off when news of a wryneck at sharpenhoe clappers came through. So i was off, and not visiting there before i parked on the road below the summit. Bloody hell was it a steep climb, i was well and truly hanging out after lugging my gear up there. Only to be told there is parking nearer the top, ill remember next time. Mind you if i hadnt approached from that direction i wouldnt have connected with a whinchat which posed for a couple of shots. On getting to the spot where the wryneck was, it was immediately pointed out to me atop a post but it didnt stay there long as a couple of walkers flushed it into the dense bushes. I only caught another glimpse as it flew from one area to another, a real elusive bird indeed,well done Andy for getting a shot. Still i was back out and about again.....hoorah