Steppe Grey Shrike
Grainthorpe Haven, Lincolnshire.
Firstly a big thankyou to Sarah for taking a day out from our honeymoon in norfolk to go and see the 'steppe'. The weather was very dull and rain forecast later in the day, so we travelled early from blakeney to connect with the shrike before the weather set in. The bird was still frequenting the same area and showed well on arrival, a new tick for both of us.

It was so confiding and totally unperturbed by people, coming within 2ft of me, giving excellent views of its plumage/parts, notably the pale bill and lores and somewhat 'bouffant' head shape and pale grey plumage. It was actively feeding on worms and perching on the mounds of mud or vegetation along the ditch. A cracking bird and well worth the journey up, unfortunately the weather set in and started to rain and became even darker making photography awkward with the wind, but id grabbed some images and left very happy indeed.