Bedfordshire, February 2009.

Nearby my home there was a decent sized flock of buntings feeding on spilt grain and using a particular hedgerow. I decided to try and bait an area close to where they had been feeding and get some images. It didn't take long before the birds had found the seed, and timely too as a lot of the seed/grain had been eaten already. And using my car as a hide i was able to get reasonably close.

There were good numbers of yellowhammer, and some had real bright heads, i think they re lovely birds and so colourful, even the drabbest ones stood out in the hedge line, unlike the reed buntings which were still acquiring the black hoods they just blended into the hedge. They were in good numbers too and were not afraid to approach the seed or car.

The snow had lingered here and they were obviously taken advantage of the easy food on show, this also brought in other birds with a group of greenfinches, a couple of robins and dunnock, a few chaffinch's and blue tits. A pair of goldfinches made a couple of appearance's and on one occasion posed lovely for me to grab a few shots whilst feeding on seed heads.