South Mimms. June 2009.

A fellow brother of the leaf from the UKCigar Forum contacted me to inform of a family of kestrels that resided at his sons school. Being near south mimms it was a straight forward route down for me, and with the school heads permission and want for some images, myself and sarah set off to meet with Nic on a weekday evening to suss' the place out.

The kestrels were set up in a tree outside the school building, with one almost ready to fly from the tree, and two already practising their flying techniques around the school grounds. The female parents entrance on the scene was welcomed by a cacophony of screeches from the younger birds. The female was seen to bring in a mouse on a couple of occasions and the flying pair would make their way onto the school roof to obtain the offered morsel.

I decided to come back first thing the next morning to photograph them again with the light in a better direction, and before the school kids arrived.
The morning was indeed a bright and sunny start and the un-flown kestrel was positioned higher up in the tree exercising its wings and no doubt due to fly today. The other two were sat up in another tree sleeping and sunning themselves. The mother bird was seen to bring in one mouse and pass to it to one bird before departing again. The orange glow of the rising sun changed the entire scene, but one that was lovely to capture.

One of the birds was happy to fly around the school building and perch on the roof on a couple of occasions giving me the opportunity to grab some shots, it was a lovely morning spent watching these birds and great to grab some images, and then it was time to head home before the school opened. Many thanks go to Nic for informing me about the birds and the school for letting and wanting me to photograph them.