Grafham Water. Cambridgeshire. August 2009.

Being able to get a few hours out and about I decided to head to grafham. Knowing there were Black terns present I thought I would try my luck and see if I could get some images. Before I set up for the terns I tried my luck in with the Sand Martins as they skimmed across the waters surface picking off insects. Not an easy task I can tell you, trying to track them was hard enough let alone getting an image.

But I stuck at it and came away with a few images worth keeping. I had a juvenile Great crested grebe showing well giving me some images and I grabbed a couple of shots when one of the parents came towards it offering a fish. The Black headed gulls were noisy with one individual especially so, and claiming rights to one particular perch would see off any gull that came too close. But as it scrapped with one bird it got hold of its bill and they both tumbled down only for the victorious gull to entangle on a length of barbed wire for a few seconds before freeing itself.

Close to the car park I viewed a Spotted flycatcher as it flew around catching insects, a sight I hadnt seen for a long time, and getting less common every year. There were good numbers of juvenile Pied wagatils everywhere, taking advantage of the huge numbers of insects present.