Standing in S**t, Clearing S**t, But happy as a pig in S**t....May 2011.

Myself and Nigel Blake decided to clean out the pool due to it getting stagnated with dung. We were truly up to our ankles in S**T ! But the hard work payed off and with cleaner water the birds soon came in. As usual the main birds were the Yellow Wagtails, I will never tire of photographing these, and I like the challenge of capturing the right moment when they are bathing and then the preening shot with the feather still in bill, not easy to capture, and I dont just fire off the shutter and hope for the best that Ive got an image in focus, I like to know that I controlled the timing and captured it just right. And new additions are becoming bolder with Linnets and Corn Bunting. Hopefully you are not bored with wagtail images so here are some new additions.