Garden Mothing. June 2011.

Marbled Minors.
Well I finally made the effort to put the moth light out for a couple of hours. Sarah joined me in the garden and was quite taken by the amount coming to light in just that short amount of time. I recorded 14 species and a total of 26 moths with some keeping out of reach. I must say that I have missed staying out mothing and if the wind will drop,finally, then I will out there again lighting up a bit fat cigar watching em' fall from the sky.
Figure of Eighty
Common Wainscot
Large Nutmeg
Vapourer Caterpillar
This Vapourer caterpillar was on a rose bush in the garden, bit of a nightmare trying to photograph it with the wind. Ive found a total of 5 over the last 2 days but cannot locate the female which looks more like a furry bug than a moth, being flightless it stays with the young until they grow and move off. Below is a list of the moths trapped:
Common Wainscot x2
Riband Wave x1
Heart and Dart x3
Pale Prominent x1
Dark Arches x3
Willow Beauty x3
Fan Foot x1
Large Nutmeg x2
Flame Shoulder x2
Rustic Shoulder Knot x1
Figure of Eighty x1
Flame  x3
Marbled Minor x3
Angle Shades x1