Garden Mothing gets Productive. June 2011.

Buff Ermine
 I ended June with another couple of mothing sessions in the garden, both going till 1am and lasting a few hours each. The 1st session turned out 12 species and the 2nd a huge jump up to 27 species with the possibility of more not being trapped. I obtained a few new species to photograph and list too was a real bonus, so I am looking forward to July's sessions. The rose bush is still turning out Vapourer caterpillars ranging in size from near fully grown down to less than 10mm.
List of species at end of images below.

 Barred Straw
 Mottled Beauty
 Dark Arches & Light Arches
 Least Carpet 
 Buff Arches
 Brown Tail
 Dwarf Cream Wave
Dot Moth
Light Arches. Mottled Beauty. Willow Beauty. Buff ermine. Uncertain. Rustic. Barred Straw. Bright line Brown Eye. Rustic shoulder Knot. Marbled Minor. Dark Arches. Heart and Dart. Common Footman. Elephant Hawkmoth. Small Elephant Hawkmoth. Peppered Moth. Dot Moth. Large Nutmeg. White Satin. Common Pug. Riband Wave. Flame. Snout. Dwarf Cream Wave. Least Carpet. Fan Foot. Brown Tail. Buff Arches. Green Pug. Swallowtail. Mottled Rustic. Spectacle. Smoky Wainscot.