Waders return to Bev's. 18th Feb 2013.

 The last trip to Bev's with my dad was very quiet indeed, mind you the temperature was still cold so I don't blame the birds for not putting on a show. This time the weather was brighter and a tad milder, I spent most of the time watching the group of Shoveler, one male was actively chasing the others away from his female, and most encounters would end in the whole group taking flight and after a couple of circuits of the lake they would all land and resume the jostling around. 
On viewing the northern lake I saw a pair of Oystercatchers take flight and head north, they didn't return unfortunately, with the water level still quite high there was not enough of the island showing for them to stay, hopefully they will return. On looking back at the records from last year, I had seen them towards the end of February, so maybe a week or so earlier, but a sign of changes to come.