Mealy Redpolls at The Lodge. Feb 2013.

Bird 1
 With so many Mealy Redpolls being reported at The Lodge, and plenty of pictures in the bag, Steve Blain and I decided to sort through our images and try and ascertain how many Mealies were involved. After a couple of hours, detailing wing patterns and plumage details we checked between our own photos and came up with 8 different birds. A couple of the original birds were still frequenting the feeders, and some new ones had turned up more recently. On my last visit with my Dad, we had seen 4 Mealy Redpolls and 2 of those were new to me. I would like to thank Steve Blain for taking the time to scour through the photos and educate me in Redpoll 'id which has been an interesting and enjoyable lesson, hopefully they'll stay a bit longer for some more photographs.
 Bird 2
 Bird 3
 Bird 4
 Bird 5
 Bird 6
 Bird 7
Bird 8