Aspley Heath. Bedfordshire. Nov 2013.

 My Dad and I travelled to Aspley Heath to connect with the Dartford Warblers there. The day started dry and bright but unfortunately the sun only lasted half an hour before the grey clouds blanketed the sky, with the temperature dropping too. There was a pair of Green Woodpeckers that were really active and unusually staying quite close. 
 My Dad and I thought we both had quick glimpses of one of the Dartfords, but couldn't be sure, and I thought I heard a brief call. But after 2 and a half hours we decided to head back home, and as sod's law would have it, all of a sudden one of the warblers sat up on the gorse further away calling briefly before darting back into cover.
 We then headed back for another go at it, I was able to view it on a few occasions but not good enough for a photo, it stayed very low where the gorse met the grasses, it gave itself up a couple of times for my Dad to connect then we decided to once again head home. If it hangs around then I may try another time.