Home & Away.

 Busy with other things and not much around to get out for, I couldn't resist the chance of photographing a Fieldfare that was frequenting my neighbours garden to feed on the berries. It was actually feeding from the window ledge according to the neighbour! With a sunny morning and on seeing the Fieldfare fly from the bush, I set up in my car and awaited its return. As by now you will notice that there is not any images of a Fieldfare.....that's because it buggered off when I saw it and never returned! 2 hours later I gave up with only a pair of Blackbirds posing or an image.

 Needing to get out and about I took a walk around the Lodge reserve in Sandy, being close by it's a lovely place to walk and unwind. It was a busy day with plenty of people about, and not much bird wise, still I had a lovely walk and ended up tree gazing at all the bark patterns and colours, and with a satisfying cigar thoroughly enjoyed I left in a relaxed mood.