Close Encounters of the Weasel kind.

Today I accompanied Sarah to The Lodge RSPB, where she had an interview. I decided to take a walk around whilst waiting for her. Straight away I had a great encounter with a Weasel, I heard some movement in the bracken next to me so I kept still and waited to catch a movement. It was only seconds when all of a sudden a lovely little weasel poked his head out of the undergrowth before disappearing, just feet from myself. I followed its movement along the bracken line and on a couple of occasions it popped its head up to view around. It then started to move away from me, so I made a squeaking sound and upon hearing this noise it turned around and ran back straight towards me whereby it stood up on its front legs on a fallen branch and sussed me out before resuming its course...what a buzz.
I next ventured around the old heath towards Jack's Pond. All the time Common Buzzards were calling overhead. I sat up at the ponds edge and straight away saw Common Newts, at least 6. Then I head some movement from the other side of the pond and caught a glimpse of a tail disappearing, keeping my eyes on the area I then spotted a Common Lizard moving around. It then proceeded to move to the waters edge to drink giving great views with the bins, before it too moved away out of sight in the undergrowth. With the sky looking like rain approaching, I headed back towards the car and to meet up with Sarah. I also had great views of Nuthatch, Treecreeper and lots of Goldcrest to make this a great mornings walk.